horse & wolf

“What did you say?” the horse asked. 
“It was a mistake,” the wolf said. 
“No, tell it again,” she said. 
The wolf said to the horse, “I am afraid you are going to eat me.”

The horse replied, “I eat only from open pastures. That is why I turn my head at every sound. That is why my eyes lay on each end of my face. I eat only the hair of god. How could you fear me?”
The wolf sank down, he curled up slowly until his tail was in his mouth. 
“May I sleep here? I am so tired. And it is so good,” he said.

The horse spent the night with the moon. they studied the wolf from above.

The moon said, “you know, he prefers me. we have spent many nights together.”
She continued, “you never stay with me, as wolf does.”
The horse started to cry.
“For I am in love with the sun” she said.


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