Judith Listens

Judith Listens

Her sureness is in her jaws,
she says there’s angles in everything
and simply wears them on her face

she turns away, feeling annoyed
by the smothering eyes of Christ

and likes cutting prefixes off to see what’s left
she knows words because she knows men

and gets happy
admiring big tusks on those extinct
sons of bitches

women who have been asked to hold
their harpoon tongues will answer to judith
admonished by mothers and grandmothers

with her head cocked to the side,
she sometimes hears water pouring when there’s none
so you know
she has been in love

well, she says,
you teach a woman to stay inside
and are surprised to come home and find her
painting crazed patterns in damp corners

hunger always knows another way to hunt,
the rose can grow in shade, can it not?


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