god is potential made allegorical


she would let spit pass down her chin in the shower or
swarm at the spigot of the school fountain or
take your hand with aplomb and say, I offer you knowledge, little one
and all rhymes would be inked on the underside of
our arms and the words would look still as a tortoise from space or
pushed with god putty to the cleft that turned hemisphere to whole
would be ninety-nine and would never roll into one hundred or
he would love a man and spit on his hand before entering him or
do the kind thing and water the neighbor’s plants when they are gone or
bathe with its offspring in the zoo pond and allow birds to eat off its back or
murder the celebrity or
she would move swiftly through an orgy, the only polyorgasmic dousing the flock with seed and nine times out of ten god would be defaming cads sucking the breasts of good women and spreading her legs to receive the next son, who was any one





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