ready to push

An anthropologist is responsible for the documentation of the culture observed. It is with careful scrutiny that the anthropologist observes its subjects and their rituals, habits and means. The anthropologist takes special care to organize these observations objectively through writing. The hypothesis in no way determines the outcome of the study at hand.

Q: what is pleasing him?
A: pleasure makes one feel closer

Q: And so you crawl to him…
A: when i work on him i begin gently
i want to show him i’m sincere, you know?
i want him to trust me

A: it looks like he’s floating
he seems to hover above the sheets
with eyes closed and his body tense at falling apart;
i’m trying to show him dying is good
in its own way

Q: what is pleasing?
A: he pulls me down by the fistful
a crowd of balloons must
be corralled to touch the ground.

Q: And where do you go?
A: no, i stay and
i get ready to push




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