touching myself

dreaming of aliens again, shit,
and then, i’m convinced
that they block my thoughts from processing it
do you know what i mean?

it’s not like i’ve heard before:
where you’re drawn up into the sky
and everything they’ve got is white and smart
instead, my eyes are open and i’m
sitting in jason’s truck
and the seatbelt isn’t that,
it’s the leg of a child
wrapped around my waist
hairless and tan, with smudged feet
and it’s piggybacked on me

i kind of start and turn
sloshing my head from side to side
i do it so i can’t see
but the car is crawling with eyes
that’s just how it feels
that’s the thing they don’t want you
to talk about
is how they just show these things to you
but they’re already in me






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