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venus and the sorcerer

i think you spitting on me
appeals to me because i’m
called venus but, sorely housed
in the body of misnomer none

desire, what follows after
desire, what follows after
spit is the globule
spit is the slow water of the living throat
spit is how i know you are here (were you conjured? what does that mean?)

sorcerer is searching
the mantra of venus:
i am only here to be truly helpful
i am only here to be truly
i am only here to be
i am only here
i am only
i am
come from the other
housed in a word, misnomer of one

as you spit into my mouth
as my tongue receives you
as it falls onto
what follows after:
as your tongue hangs above me
as spit is the way of the cave

sorcerer is searching
the mantra of venus:
as it renounces itself out of love,
so we, out of love, should renounce it
for if we do not sacrifice it to love,
we sacrifice love to it


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